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One of the main keys to providing high quality care and support is in the quality and detail of the training that a care team receives. All of our staff will be highly trained in a set of standard mandatory courses as well as specialist training that reflects the needs of the client.

High level of knowledge & experience

At HLG Complex Care our specialist nurses have accumulated a vast quantity of experience and are at the top of their profession when training and mentoring care teams in the community. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of both safe and best practice and operate at all times under the NMC Code for delegation and accountability.

What is delegation?

“Delegation is defined as the transfer to a competent individual, of the authority to perform a specific task in a specified situation.”

Which in plain English means that our nurses can train and oversee any clinical needs you may have so that support staff can undertake these tasks safely, competently and legally.

Delegation means that we will:


Only delegate tasks and duties that are within the other person’s scope of competence, making sure that they fully understand the instructions.


Make sure that everyone they delegate tasks to are adequately supervised and supported so they can provide safe and compassionate care.


Confirm that the outcome of any task delegated to someone else meets the required standard.

What does this mean in practice?

It will be our responsibility to ensure that:

  • Delegation does not harm the interests of people in our care.
  • The task is within the care team’s scope of competence.
  • The care team we are delegating to understands the boundaries of their own competence.
  • The care team we are delegating to understands the task.
  • Each individual team member we are delegating to is clear about the circumstances in which they must refer back to us.
  • We will always take reasonable steps to identify any risks and whether any supervision might be necessary.
  • We will always take reasonable steps to monitor the outcome of the delegated task.