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Visions and values

HLG Complex Care Ltd aims to provide the highest levels of care and support for individuals with complex healthcare needs across the Midlands and the North of England.
We will be specialists in you.

Our vision

Our vision is to be a caring, specialist, safe, reliable, and responsive care provider for people with life changing spinal injuries and complex needs. One that can improve people’s lives and support their independence and choices. We work around the client and in a way that enhances their life as well as assists with daily activities.

Our mission

Our Mission is to be a family centered, approachable care provider that values its clients, staff and stakeholders. We want to provide a service that really makes a difference to the person & their family. We work with our partners in a joined up way making sure that all members of the MDT are supporting the person.

Value One

Person centered

We work for the individual with them in the centre. We involve clients as much as they wish in every process from recruitment of support staff to planning how we can support them. Clients are encouraged to feedback to us how things are going for them, so we can continue to get better.

Value Two

Specialist input

We promise to be specialists in your needs and how that affects your care. Staff that support you will be fully trained and overseen by a suitably qualified manager.

Value Three

Clear and concise

We promise to make sense and be useful without jargon.

Value Four


We promise to support you with your daily life and to support our front-line care staff to provide exceptional levels of care to our all of our clients.